For extracting any gas build-up from engine compartment before starting the engines, Also the Silent Centrifugal Extraction or Blower.

Marine & Exterior Loudspeaker for on deck as well as inside.
Including Ultra Slim Speakers for Shallow Recesses.

Public Address Loud-Hailer (Bullhorn) Horn with built-in microphone and amplifier. Super-compact Loud-Hailer & a Professional Loud-Hailer 25 Watt.

Boat Warning Whistle and Horns. Usually Despatch The Same Work-Day 3:30pm Cut Off.

Battery Charger that Links to Your Mobile Via Blue Tooth. Use the App Victron-connect to connect this battery charger to your smart phone etc:

Marine Battery Box with a Lid. Trays with Clamp and Rubber Mats.

Bronze, Brass or Stainless Clamp Type

Battery / Batteries Selector Isolating Switches.
Heavy Duty
Spare Keys
High Capacity
Recess with Cover

TMC and Osculati Marine Wiper Motors, Arms and Blades.
Single, Pantographic & Telescopic in Black Stainless.
Black Stainless Wiper with Silicone Blade.

Anchors: Plug In Hand Operated Controller, Console Toggle Switches, Deck Foot Switch. Windlass Reversible Solenoid Relay.

Divers LED Torch, Watertight to a Depth of 30 Metres, And High Power LED Search and Rescue or Marine Flashlight.