12mm Quick-Fit Boat Water System
12mm Ø Pipe System. Instant push-in, requires a simple pressure of the tube to connect it to the pipe; fully re-usable joints, made of non-toxic high resistant alimentary plastic and semi-flexible polyethylene pipe.

Plumbing Fitting For Boats Fuel, Gas & Water. Discounted End of Line.

Online Supplier of Boat Expansion Tank for Tap & Shower Pump System

Anti Syphon Vented loops are a safety devices for use with boat toilets installed below the waterline.

9mm and 12mm Band Widths. DIN 3017. Coated Stainless Worm Drive Screw to Prevent Seizing. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Waste Control Valves. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off. Also Trade Enquiries Welcome.

Online Supplier of:
Ball Valves Polypropylene ( Plastic )
Brass One-Way Check Valve / Non-Return
Ball Valves Nickel Plated Brass Stainless Handle.

Online Supplier of:
Stainless Steel 304 BSP Pipe Fittings
Female Hose Tails 90 Degrees Elbow
BSP Reducer
Hexagon Plug

Hose Tails, T Joints, Hexagonal Barrel Nipples, Elbows 90º, Sockets and Reducers

Online Supplier of:
Water Hose Pipe Fitting Watering & Irrigations Systems
12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 22mm & 25mm
For Connecting Hose Pipes and Spurring Off

Polypropylene Hose Tails to a BSP Male Thread

Polycarbonate Hose Tails to BSP Thread