Economy Paint Brush Good for Glues & Resins.
General Purpose Paint Brush. Plastic Handle.
Easy Paint Brush. Synthetic Filaments. Plastic Handle.
Varnish Brush Pure Bristle Stainless Ferrule Wood Handle.

Marine Adhesives By Sikaflex. Also Box Quantities Deck Caulking.

Yachticon, Osculati, International and StarBrite. Cleaners, Polish, Shampoos, Gel Coat Restores, Fillers. Deck Wash, Rubbing Compound and Barnacle Remover.

PSP Special Adhesive Sail Repair Tapes and Heavy Duty
Self-Amalgamating / Vulcanising Tape PVC, EPR and Silicone
Self Adhesive Tapes for Waterline Boottop / Plimsoll Line
PVC Electrical Insulating Tape