UK Stockists of A2 304 and A4 316 Stainless Steel Fixings and Fasteners.
Next Day Delivery is Available also Quantity Discount.

22mm and 25mm Tube Deck Rail Fittings and Stainless Steel Tubing, In 316 Stainless Steel Polished.

Stainless Stanchions. Stanchion Socket Deck Bases. Stainless Wire Guardrail Fittings. Light Weight Guardrail Cable. and Aluminium Toe Rail System.

Cleats, Bow Roller, Pad Eyes, Long Eye Bolts, Flag Staffs, Fairleads, Red Ensign, Fishing Rod Holders, U-Bolts, Chain Stops and Pipe, Ski Pole.

Boats, Bathrooms, Shower & the disability needs for the disabled. Pre-made or make up yourself. Totally Rust Free 316 Stainless for Interior or Exterior Use.

A Larger Range of Stainless 304 and 316 also Brass Table Hinges. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Nylon P Clips - Stainless and Rubber P Clips - Plastic Holding Clips. Usually Despatched the Same Work-Day 3:30pm Cut Off.

A Larger Range of Boat and Yachts Marine Hardware and Parts. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Thu-Hull Skin Fittings Strainer, Outlets and Deck Drains in 316 Stainless Steel Brass Nylon and Plastic and some in Bronze.

A Vast Range in Stock of Carbine, Bow, Dee, Snap, Swivel and More. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Bilge Blower, Fog Horn Signal, Batteries Boxes, Loudspeakers, Loud-Hailer, Heaters, Battery Chargers, Wiper Motors, LED Torch.

Attwood Tsunami & Sahara Range. Osculati Europumps, Suction Tube Bailer and Float Switches.

Marine Fuel Pipe & Breather Hose, Petrol and Diesel. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery, 1:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Tinned Electrical Cable, Crimp Terminals, Fuses & Breaker, Bus-Bars & Terminal Blocks, Fuse Boxes, Dash Panel Switches and Through Deck Swan Neck Tube.

Antenna by GLOMEX. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 1:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Navigation Lights, LED, Spot, Floodlight, Ceiling, Roof, Wall, Deck, Table, Light and Courtesy Walk Way Illumination. 12 & 24 Volts.

RINA. Certificated Bronze Ships Bells that come with a RINA. Approved certificate. Suitable for pleasure boat and Merchant for hulls over 20 metres.

Products by Osculati, International, Star Brite and Sikaflex. Bilge Cleaner, Stain Remove and Water Treatment Tablets.

Discount Impellers for Jabsco, Volvo, Mercruiser, Yamaha Sole, Johnson, Ancor, Yanmar, Vetus, Perkins and Sherwood.

Boats Lifebuoys, Horseshoe, Life Rings, Rescue, Safety Lines, Deck Tethers, Harness Points. Emergency Kill Switch. Stainless Padlocks & Outboard Motor Locks.

Ventilation Grill Louvre, Optional Fly Mesh Screen.
Strong ABS Plastic or Very Strong Nylon.

Webbing Polypropylene & Polyester. Bridges, Loops, Bungee Hooks and Ratchet Straps.

Plastic Rope Stop, Mechanical Splicing, Splicing Spike, Whipping Twine, Hot Rope Knife, Rope Thimbles, Rope Chafe Guards

Boat Hardware is Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Push Pull Knobs, Latches, Brackets, Finger Pulls, Retracting Coat Hooks, Hasp & Staple and Door Stops.

Fuel Tanks, Cans, Lines and Connectors. Rowlocks, Oarlocks.
Foot, Stirrup & Electric Air Pumps and More.

Chain-Plate, Blue Wave Open Body Rigging Screws. Wire Rope Grips Stops Thimbles Ferrules & Clamps. Ferrules in Aluminium or Copper. Non-Swage Terminals.

White Marine Table Tops in ABS Composite Plastic. Fixed and Adjustable Gas Assisted Table Pedestal.

Rod Fishing Boats Hardware. Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Expansion Tanks, Anti Siphon Loops, Hose Clamps, Diverter Valves, One-Way and Check Valve, Pipe Fittings & Hose Tails, Hosepipe.

Sail Slides, Jib Hanks, Boom Bail U Plates, Mast Steps, Bosun's Chairs, Sail Guards Wheels, Spreader Boots, Batten Ends, Burgee, Tell Tales.

Mooring Fenders, Black White Blue. Docking Bow Fenders. Holding Racks. Stainless Spliced Fender Line and their Accessories.

Stainless Steel Boarding Ladders, Steps, Foot Plate & Ladder Grab Handles, Boats Emergency Man Overboard Ladders MOB.

AKA a drift anchor, drift sock, para-anchor, sea parachute.
Usually Out for Next Day Delivery 3:30pm Work Day Cut-Off.

Galvanised D and Bow Shackles. Stainless Chain Locks. Anchor Chain Markers. Deck Anchor Chain Pipe Stops and Stops.

Inflatable Dinghy Double Seat,
Marine Boats Seats Single and Double Bench Seat,
Boat Seat Pedestal Legs Adjustable or Fixed Height,
Box Seats with Storage,
For most Watercraft.

Out Drive Leg Anode, Bellows & Hoses for Volvo-Penta

Spliced Docking Line, Mooring Rope. Mooring Springs and Rubber Compensators.

Yacht Racing Regatta Buoys and Inflatable Divers Signal Buoy.

Sold as complete lengths