For extracting any gas build-up from engine compartment before starting the engines,
Also the Centrifugal Extraction can be used for Showers, Toilets and Galleys.

Marine & Exterior Loudspeaker for on deck as well as inside.
Including Ultra Slim Speakers for Shallow Recesses.

Public Address Loud-Hailer (Bullhorn) Horn with built-in microphone and amplifier. Super-compact Loud-Hailer & a Professional Loud-Hailer 25 Watt.

Boat Warning Whistle and Horns. Usually Despatch The Same Work-Day 3:30pm Cut Off.

Battery Charger that Links to Your Mobile Via Blue Tooth.
Use the App Victron-connect to connect this battery charger to your smart phone, tablet or computer via Blue Tooth in order to perform the first configuration and see all the charge data.

Marine Battery Box with a Lid. Trays with Clamp and Rubber Mats.

Bronze, Brass or Stainless Clamp Type

Battery / Batteries Selector Isolating Switches.
Heavy Duty
Spare Keys
High Capacity
Recess with Cover

TMC and Osculati Marine Wiper Motors, Arms and Blades.
Single, Pantographic & Telescopic in Black Stainless.
Black Stainless Wiper with Silicone Blade.

Anchors: Plug In Hand Operated Controller, Console Toggle Switches, Deck Foot Switch. Windlass Reversible Solenoid Relay.

Divers LED Torch, Watertight to a Depth of 30 Metres, And High Power LED Search and Rescue or Marine Flashlight.